Am I the only one whose Itunes isn’t working….

Like I pre-ordered the Taylor album but welcome to New York wont download!!! Instead 8 sec of track 3 downloaded and its all static…

Someone help? :( 

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Can I just say I am very proud of my fellow klaroliners!

I haven’t seen one edit of Candice’s and Joe’s wedding pictures. I thought that people would have jumped on them right away and made them relate to klaroline. It makes me happy that our family is respecting her special day and her pictures!

Like she shared them with us on Instagram!!! What other celebrity does that? Her and Joe king obvi trust their fans and it makes me happy that none of the pics have been manipulated yet.

I also love how strong our fandom is! Even though there is a lot of shit coming out way, stay strong

Candice and Joe for their wedding (18/10/14)


Uh not to mention Bruno Mars literally has a song about how much he wants to MURDER one of his exgirlfriends, but you’re right, Taylor’s feelings are tErRifYiNg


Klaroline - First and Last Scene on TVD 3x11 & 5x11

Is this the real life or is it fanfiction



She wore Monique Lhullier


She wore Monique Lhullier

Candice Accola & Joe King Wedding
New Orleans, Louisiana - October 18, 2014

[AU] Caroline and Enzo pay Klaus a visit, but things don’t go as planned.
#shots fired #i’d rather this triangle tbh #actually just be a threesome instead

"How to gain the devotion of hot and murderous British men"
— By Caroline Forbes


Actual 5 year old Damon in his Camaro requested by stanningdamonsalvatore


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